Monday, February 12, 2018


This is the truth many football fans would not be knowing where Renato Sanchez is playing today. He was the costliest teenager ever, he was a midfielder at the Portuguese club Benfica. and he played for Portugal , when they won the EURO CUP in the year 20116. Now Benfica a club that over the years have sold their young stars, who had progressed from their academy for big money. But Manchester united were very keen to sign up this talented youngster, and Benfica were demanding a huge sum of money, but then Manchester United was a manager less club during the transfer window, as they had sacked their Dutch manager louis Van Gaal. And Jose Mourinho was not appointed as the Manchester United manager then. So the German giants Bayern Munich then stole Renato Sanchez from under the noses of the Manchester United club., the price was huge for a teenager it was 45, forty five million pounds. But he was costly flop at Bayern Munich, and was put up for a transfer on a loan, he thought he was going on loan to Manchester united, Chelsea or Juventus . But poor boy has gone to Swansea on a loan a complete broken boy.

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