Thursday, February 8, 2018


There is a lot of talk in the MEDIA that Antonio Conte is grilling the Chelsea players with to much training , and it is killing them. Such utter nonsense I must say, all footballers and club train their players hard. And what Antonio Conte is doing is not a crime, if you want such high weekly salaries then Chelsea expect the players to slog themselves out for a trophy. How was Antonio Conte so very successful with Juventus as well as with Italy? Let us see what Giorgi Cellini has to say about the training he had under Antonio Conte at Juventus, it was tough. He says it was like being in a cage with a gorilla who was hungry. in training and playing this Italian defender has broken his nose four times, I doubt any Chelsea player has even broken his nose even one. The Chelsea players are paid far to much money, and all come for training in their Rolls Royce and Audi cars. This is what Paul Scholes had to say, He along with Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Philip Neville., would change three buses to reach Manchester United training ground, they then then changed three buses to reach home. I bet you none of the Chelsea players will do it. Lucas Maura , the Brazilian footballer travelled by train he used to change the train three times to reach his club and change again three times to reach home.

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