Monday, February 5, 2018


The Italian footballer Paulo Dicanio was a maverick and was always in the news whether it was on the pitch or of it. He played for a few clubs in Europe, like Juventus,A.C. Milan, Celtic, West Ham United and other clubs as well. While at West Ham Untied he will always be remembered for a few things good and bad as well his wonderful goals, his leadership and yes his push of the referee. thelate Paul Alcock. He will always be remembered for his vey high class of sportsmanship in the year 2000 West Ham United played Everton, the Everton goalkeeper Paul Gerard was lying injured and the referee id not stop the game, West Ham united were nearing the open goal, when Paulo Dicanio in one swift movement grabbed the ball and forced the game to come to a sudden halt, He pointed to Paul Gerrard who was lying in pain as he had dislocated his knee. But the manager of West Ham United Harry Redknapp was all praise for the Italian was sportsmanship at the highest Redknapp said. But he had a ugly side as well in the match between Arsenal and Sheffield United, both Patrick Vieira and Paulo Dicanio had vey bad fight on the pitch, and whentwo hot heads clash it is bound to be dangerous, when the referee the late Paul Alcock tried to stop the fight he was pushed down by Paulo Dicanio, who got a eleven game bann as well as fined ten thousand pounds.

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