Friday, April 27, 2018


The Spain and Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta has made it very clear that he would now be moving to a club in China. A few eyes were raised when they heard the news. Andres Iniesta has now gone and made it amply clear that he would be playing in China only and he would not be playing for any club in Europe. The reason being he never wanted to play against his old club Barcelona in the Champion League or for the matter in the EUROPA LEAGUE, also called the U.E.F.A cup . Both Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez were world cup and two EURO CUP winners as well. And were masters where passing and control of the ball was concerned. Sadly they do not produce such footballers these days. His loyalty for Barcelona is clearly seen here, when loyalty has taken a back seat. Andres Iniesta had joined the Barcelona youth academy called THE LA MASIA or THE CASTLE as a 12 twelve year old boy Ad Andres Iniesta has a wine business set up by his grand father, called INIESTA WINES.

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