Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The English defender John Stones who did cost Manchester City a very huge fee of over 47, forty seven million pounds. But now John Stones has fallen down to the fourth defender for Pep Guardiola , after Vincent Kompany and the others. But now Manchester City want to not only sell John Stones but they are also hoping of recovering the money they had spent to buy him from Everton two years ago for a very huge sum of 47, forty seven million pounds. But it is going to be very difficult for Manchester City to sell him for that much money, as he is not even playing regularly , and he is on a weekly salary of 100,000 , a hundred thousand pounds, for not even on the bench. And if Manchester City sell John Stones they will have problems with the number of home grown players as well. Mind you the new Arsenal manager will only have 50, fifty million pounds to spend so he can not buy John Stones for sure.

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