Tuesday, May 22, 2018


The Italian giants A.C.Milan, who are now owned by a Chinese owner is now waiting anxiously to hear the verdict to be given next month, in case they have broken FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULES , U,.E.F.A could have A.C.Milan banned from European competition, as A.C. Milan finished sixth on the table I Italy this year. Now this Chinese owner had brought A.C. Milan for a huge sum of 60, six hundred million pounds, and to add to this huge sum A.C. Milan also spent 250 two hundred and fifty million pounds on buying new players for the club. As The Chinese owner had taken a loan of 250 , two hundred and fifty million pounds, from a American Equity fund, and top of this A.C.Milan have to pay a sum of 40, forty million pounds as interest only, and it has to be paid in a few months time. The lesson here is it is quite easy to buy a football club, but it is entirely different story to run a club successfully.

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