Monday, May 21, 2018


The famous Spanish and Barcelona midfielder who played twenty two long years at Barcelona, played his last game for Barcelona, now at the age of 34,thirty four years, he has decided to leave Barcelona. Both Barcelona and Real sociedad gave him a well deserved guard of honour before the match. Andres Iniesta joined the youth academy of Barcelona called THE LA MASIA , or THE CASTLE. He was a year or so junior to Xavi Hernandez, and this two pass masters kept the world staring at their foot work understanding and dribbling. These two were so good and pleasing to the eye, for example out of 120 one hundred and twenty passes made in a match by each of them 80, eighty of them would land right in the front foot of their team mate, for years Lionel Messi , Ronaldinho , Luis Suarez and Neymar scored a lot of goals, but in reality it was Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez in the midfield that kept Barcelona ticking away in each match. After the match Andres Iniesta was thrown up in the air, and he lifted THE LA LIGA Cup , for the very last time. He and his family also did a lap of honour for the club and fans. But one thing here is crystal clear oh so very sadly clubs do no longer produce such stars any more , yes one thing is clear here they can not be imitated and copied , as these great icons come once in a lifetime only. After the match and the ground fell silent and the 99,000 seats were empty a lonely figure of Andres Iniesta sitting on the ground and pondering those twenty two years was very ,very touching. in case you are not aware Andres Iniesta has big wine industry in Valencia ,Spain. It was started by his grand father. and it is called the INIESTA WINES. He is also a very clean footballer I think he is the only footballer who is not having a single tattoo on him , and he never wears earrings. He was given a very good send of and not at all like the other Spanish giants Real Madrid. They booed and made Iker Casillas cry on his final game at Real Madrid. But what these fans forget is Real Madrid gave a lot to Real Madrid, he played in Real Madrid's champion league match as a nineteen year old boy, and that is before he even had his driving licence. He was studying in the school in the night and was told to leave the class as their goalkeeper for the champion league was seriously injured, and he was needed to be back up goalkeeper. Just compare these two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid will you.

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