Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Arsenal Ivan Gazidis , Sam Kronke and Josh Kronke are absolutely disgusting and disrespectful to Arsene Wenger, who was the manager of Arsenal for 22, twenty two years. After Arsene wenger came to Arsenal from France in the year 1996, an absolute unknown manager and Sir Alex Ferguson even taunted Arsene wenger , by saying ARSENE WHO, Sir Alex Ferguson soon found out. Arsene wenger managed well over 800 eight hundred matches for Arsenal, he won a total of three English premier League cups, Seven F.A. Cups and seven Community shields. He is the only manager to take a club in the English Premier League history to go a entire season undefeated, they were THE INVINCIBLES . Now Arsenal have appointed Unai Emery as the new man to fill the big shoes of Arsene wenger for sure. And in THE NEXT CHAPTER, Former managers like Mr Chapman and George Graham were very well remembered , disgraceful by Arsenal they failed to mention even the name of Arsene Wenger there. Here Arsenal and the Arsenal fans should always be grateful to Arsene Wenger as he changed the way we played football, the crisp passing and the large umber of touches were a delight to the eye. I was a big fan of Arsenal as the long as Arsene Wenger was there, I no longer support Arsenal, Yes I am from India. But I truth Arsenal , Sam Kronke , Josh Kronke and Ivan Gazidis should have had some more class in them, after all class has to be there in your blood, money can not buy it. The whole of Arsenal should remember that Arsene Wenger spent 2 twenty two years from his own country France, almost half his life ,show him some gratitude. When Arsene wenger was the manager the Arsenal shares shot up and the Kronkes made a lot of money, or will we see the Arsenal shares fall sharply like Manchester United's fell, the Manchester United's shareholders lost 700, seven hundred million pounds.

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