Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Arsenal are now willing to offer Jack Wilshire a new and better contract, earlier they had told Jack Wilshire that he could go and look for another club. Now that Arsene wenger is stepping down as the Arsenal manage rafter a period of 2, twenty two years. And the shopping purse for the summer transfer is just fifty million pounds, in todays terms it is peanuts I must say. So the club Arsenal are trying to tie down Jack Wilshire to a new and better contract. Last time they offered him 90,000 ninety thousand pounds and more would be given on performance on games played and goals scored., after all he is injury prone player getting injured each year. But e was not willing to take this contract. Now Arsenal are offering him 100,000 a hundred thousand pounds., as they do not want to spend big on a new midfielder. Yes there are clubs willing to buy him like Wolves, Everton, Juventus.

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