Friday, May 11, 2018


Arsene Wenger has told Tottenham hotspurs that as the club will move to their new stadium at White Hart Lane early in the 2018/2019 season. One thing will be clear they will be forced to ell Harry Kane for big money, here I am talking about over a hundred million pounds. It is common-sense that a new stadium like Tottenham Hotspurs new one will cost the club a great deal of money, and paying back the loans will not be easy. As you see the club have foot the bill till now with out selling a single player, but this can not go on for long, as the interest piles up, the club will be forced to sell their footballers for big money. Arsene wenger should know it very well as he was forced to sell his players for money yearly to generate money to payback the mortgage to the banks. But things were very much different then their top players were sold for 25, twenty five million pounds, and players had smaller weekly wages as well. Now it is not so players are costly as clubs are paying 75, seventy five million pounds for a defender ,which is the real price of a striker, the Neymar sale has caused big problems for small clubs. But the big advantage Arsenal had over Tottenham Hotspurs is Arsenal shifted from Highbury to the Emirate Stadium, Arsenal sold the land where Highbury stood and so generated funds to pay the banks. But it s not the case with White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspurs have rebuild their new stadium where their old stadium stood. So o land to sell here. So sooner or later Harry Kane will be sold. To be honest the amount has almost reached a BILLION POUNDS , so how long will the playersplay for a small weekly salary. And Arsene wenger has also said that in the last ten years the cost to build a new stadium has doubled and now the price of buying a footballer has tripled, clubs are paying the amount for defenders like Virgil Van Dijk 75, seventy five million pounds, Romelu Lukaku also did cost Manchester United 75, seventy five million pounds, and he is a striker.

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