Wednesday, May 30, 2018


The English club Chelsea's Russian owner Roman Abramovich , who is a very close fried of the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Now Roman Abramovich visa to the U.K has now expired , and he has been told to clarify his wealth , which stands at 9.38 Billion pounds. England want to him to explain very clearly how he made this huge money, and if any MAFIA or money laundering has been involved. Things just do not look good , as U.K have said very clearly that Roman Abramovich's visa is not rejected but it is delayed indefinitely. It has been now been told by THE MEDIA ,that Israel , has now given the Russian Billionaire Israeli citizenship. But there are big problems for Chelsea, now if Chelsea want to sack Antonio Conte,then Chelsea will have to pay the Italian manager nine million pounds., And if Chelsea want to sign the Italian manager Mauricio Sarri , then Chelsea will have to pay Napoli seven million pounds, and they are not willing to pay that much money. So Chelsea have gone and had talks with the unemployed French manager Laurent Blanc, here he is free and no compensation involved. This exactly what happens when the owner of the club is buying players and not the club.

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