Saturday, May 12, 2018


The German club Hamburg , who had also won the champion league once. Now Hamburg are finally relegated from the Bundesliga ,which was modified in the year 1963. Now after 55, fifty five long years they were finally relegated , and it angered their fans a great deal , riot police came on horseback even as the fans were far to angry to be controlled by stewards and police Now over the years Hamburg had made it a habit of Making great escapes from getting relegated, but sadly they failed to survive and were relegated for next year. in fact there is a clock at Hamburg that actually is showing the number of hours and minutes and seconds, since Hamburg played in August 1963 that is a total of fifty five long years. Now the clock at Hamburg will have to be reset till zero hours and zero minutes and zero seconds for next year to find out how long it will take Hamburg to play again in the Bundesliga.

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