Friday, May 25, 2018


The American owner of Liverpool Mr John Henry has taken a swipe at the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho for joining up with the Spanish giants Barcelona. as he is a American he will never ever understand football well. He keeps claiming tat why should anybody in the world want to leave Liverpool, with its long and rich history, and join Barcelona, here the Brazilian was sold for 145, one hundred and forty five million pounds. And ten million pounds were paid by Philippe Coutinho from his personal account to make he move possible to Barcelona. Henry may not be aware even that Philippe Coutinho was brought by Barcelona , to replace their captain Andres Iniesta, for the future. In one year Philippe Coutinho won two awards at Barcelona , it has been donkeys of years since Liverpool won the English Premiere League, they last won it in 1990.Twenty eight years ago. The last champion league was won in 2005. Barcelona have won their 2, twenty fifth Spanish La liga title, they re the only club in the world to play each year in the Champion League since the cup started. I do not think Liverpool have qualified f the Champion League ten years in a row, Arsenal qualified nineteen years in a row for he champion league. The Champion League final match with Real Madrid is not even played , and John Henry is basking in the Liverpool glory. What are you smoking John Henry?

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