Tuesday, May 8, 2018


P.S.G and the minnows from the third tier LES HERBIERS, could be a mid table club in the thirdtier as well. So vast is the difference between the two clubs , you could label it a David and Goliath game. Les Herbier have a annual budget of 1.77 one point seventy seven million pounds, now that is what Neymar is paid in 16, sixteen days at P.S.G. Les Herbier have a stadium capacity of 5000 five thousand, while P.S.G have a stadium capacity of 50,000 fifty thousand. P.S.G have two of the costliest players in the world Neymar costing 198, one hundred and ninety eight million pounds, and Kylian Mbappe who is costing 166, one hundred and sixty six million pounds. While most in Les Herbier are on a free transfer. But P.S.G with all their littering stars and sacks of money could only mange Tw goals , and one was a penalty as well. My memory goes back to a F.A match played in England some years ago, Chelsea were playing Portsmouth then. Portsmouth were facing big problems on and of the pitch, as they were financially bankrupt they were put under a administrator , they had nine points deducted as well, but Portsmouth defeated mighty Chelsea with a goal from Kanu. So miracles in football do happen.

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