Tuesday, May 15, 2018


On 13/5/2018 Levante the small club with hardly any big players compared to mighty Barcelona, have now completely squashed the big dream Barcelona had of finishing the season undefeated, and being the first team from Spain in the modern days o go a complete season undefeated, they lost their 37th thirty seventh match of thirty eight matches. Back in the year 1933 Real Madrid did go a season undefeated and were called the INVINCIBLES. But there was a big difference between a Spanish La Liga match played in the year 1933 and a match played in 2018. For example in those days there were far fewer matches 18 matches in all, and each win then clubs were given two points but today it is here points. The Levante and Barcelona match was very entreating with a total of 9 nine goals scored, along with two different hat tricks. The first hat trick was scored by the Brazilian play maker Philippe Coutinho , and for Levante the Ghanaian player Emmanuel Boetang scored a hat trick. Now with the match being the second last match players become tired and make careless mistakes , here the Barcelona defence was guilty of making two big mistakes. But when we think of a club going one entire season undefeated which is very rare today, we must ask a question , what is the cost of the squad that were the invincibles? For example the la club to go undefeated in a entire season and be called the INVINCIBLES , was Arsenal in the year 2003/2004.Under Arsene wenger and Arsenal entire squad was costing only 45, forty five million pounds. Now we must give credit where credit is due, Levante a few years ago hit rock bottom, they were nearly bankrupt , and were put in the hands of a administrator and had points deduced as well and were playing in the second division in Spain , but now they have beaten mighty Barcelona, their biggest victory ever.

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