Friday, May 4, 2018


The German world cup winner , and the play maker Mesut Ozil , has let down Arsenal very badly this season, he sadly just goes missing in very important matches and he does it repeatedly . Mind you he is on weekly wages at Arsenal which is far to much for my liking. He is now getting a weekly salary of 300,000, three hundred thousand pounds. And I have said it several times that if any footballer no matter who he is and is getting a weekly salary of 300,000 three hundred thousand pounds then e must score a hat trick in each and every match he is playing for his club, failing to do this means he is not worth it and is milking the club royally and shamelessly to. Mesut Ozil should answer just one question how many hat tricks has he scored for Arsenal this season? I strongly doubt that he ever scored a hat trick this season. And if you ask me honestly the arsenal players have been very guilty of letting Arsene Wenger and Arsenal down again and again for the past few years. Honestly let me ask a question how many of these Arsenal players would have got into the Arsenal INVINCIBLE team of 2003/2004. I say that none of the Arsenal players have the fire in the belly like the old Arsenal players, the whole team should be sacked. Mesut Ozil crying crocodile tears does not help Arsenal one bit.

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