Wednesday, May 2, 2018


There is no doubt that U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A are a rotten corrupt organisations, Sepp Blatter and Michael Plattini are examples of their corruption. There is no doubt in my mid that Real Madrid are buying their Champion league titles for sure. In the second leg of the champion league semi final match played between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, which was played on 1/5/2018. Real Madrid won the match with aggregate score of 4-3. But what was not shown was that Bayern Munich were denied two penalties the first was a clear handball by the Real Madrid Brazilian Marcello, he is the left back and was in the box when the ball hit his outstretched hand, even Marcelo has admitted that it was a penalty, thee was a appeal for penalty in the second half. Here Sergio Ramos brought down Robert Lewandowski it was clear penalty. But the Turkish referee did not think it was a penalty sadly. By the way Robert Lewandowski was brought down in the same way the Real Madrid player Vazquez was brought down by the Juventus player and a penalty was given there. This is disgusting from the Turkish blind bat of a referee. He should be demoted as a referee from champion League to the third division of Turkish football., But nothing will happen here as U.E.F.A will not be taking any action against the referee, as the referee is a employee of U.E.F.A. Now Real Madrid can bribe U.E.F.A and win the Champion League for another five years . Oh what a bore . Football has gone like cricket with its match fixing. By the way do not forget you REAL MADRID RATS, there were two penalties not given to Bayern Munich in the first leg as well. Disgusting and unpardonable by U.E.F.A.

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