Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Arsene Wenger the former Arsenal manager who has now left Arsenal after 22 twenty two long and glorious years. He was asked recently asked who was the footballer he missed the most from signing up for Arsenal. And he said it was loosing out to Manchester United for the signature of the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. The year was 2003, and Arsenal were still playing at Highbury, Cristiano Ronaldo, had come to have look at Arsenal along with his mother then. Talks were on then and at that time Cristiano Ronaldo was playing in Lisbon for Sporting Lisbon, who are very well known the world over for their hard negotiations. Now at that 2003 Manchester United had a assistant manager to Sir Alex Ferguson and his name was Carlos Quiroz, who by the way was from Portugal as well like Cristiano Ronaldo. Now things moved fast as expected Sporting Lisbon were demanding a sum of 12.8 million pounds a huge sum for a teenager, And Carlos Querios convinced Cristiano Ronaldo to move to Manchester United and not Arsenal. But the price was high for David Dean ,who was head of Arsenal, Arsenal took to much time in negotiating Arsenal offered four and half million pounds first , now you must remember that Thierry Henry joined Arsenal from Juventus for just eleven million pounds, and he had won trophies in Monaco and Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo was quite a unknown footballer then. But the deal was hijacked after Sporting Lisbon and Cristiano Ronaldo tore Manchester United to shreds. So Sir Alex Ferguson paid the 12 .8 million pounds to buy Cristiano Ronaldo. But what I would like to ask here is what would Arsenal strike force be wit Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dennis Bergkamp and Kanu as well.

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