Sunday, May 27, 2018


real Madrid defeated Liverpool with a final score of 3-1. For real Madrid Gareth Bale scored two goals and Kareem Benzema scored the other goal. For Liverpool the Senegal footballer Saido Mane scored a consolation goal for Liverpool. Sergio Ramos the thug and villan that he is caught Mohammed Salah by the hand , and then brought him to the ground, he saw to it that he landed squarely on Mohammed Salah's hand and dislocated it.As the Egyptian was the main threat after all. Sergio Ramos was caught on video elbowing the Liverpool goalkeeper Hugo Kairus . Yes the German goalkeeper Hugo Kairus let his club down by making two errors, from which goals were scored. But what greatly disappointed me was when the goalkeeper made these two mistakes, not a single Liverpool player came forward to console and embrace him , it was all done by the Real Madrid players. who spoke words of encouragement. Sadly even after Liverpool reached back from Kiev, the young German goalkeeper was walking alone, just the opposite of YOU WILLNEVER WALK ALONE HYPOCRATES Liverpool. After all , all goalkeepers play under great pressure, more then strikers , all make mistakes.

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