Thursday, May 10, 2018


Ross Barkley had joined Chelsea from his childhood club Everton ,for a sum of 15, fifteen million pounds, in the January transfer window. He was spoken very highly of at Everton, they even compared him to Paul Gascoigne, GAZZA, due to his style of play. But he was suffering from a bad hamstring injury that had kept him out of football for a long while. But the very big question is how well did he fare at Chelsea? Sadly Antonio Conte lost his trust in Ross Barkley, and the former Everton player has only played a total of 54, fifty four minutes in the English premier League, and a total of only 131, one hundred and thirty one minutes in all matches this season, so it is very crystal clear here that Ross Barkley's Chelsea and England career are all but over. My question is was not 15, fifteen million pounds far to much for a injured player who had hamstring injuries before he joined Chelsea.

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