Saturday, May 26, 2018


The Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, is a absolute thug and a villain on the football pitch, but his behaviour in the 2018 champion league match against Liverpool, was disgusting and spoke volumes of his character and sportsmanship on the pitch, a walking septic tank on the football world. He was disgusting he pulled down Mohammed Salah , by tugging at his hand, which later was confirmed that the Egyptian had a dislocated shoulder and even miss the world cup in Russia, very very sad indeed. Not only did he end the game for Mohammed Salah, but this swine was smiling and grinning like a chimpanzee. It comes as no surprise to me that Sergio Ramos has now holding the record in Spain for the most red cards it was about 23 red cards. And mind you Spain is considered to be the best disciplined team at the world cup history, the last Spaniard to get a red card in the world cup was Manuel Nadal, the uncle of Rafael Nadal, who last got a red card for Spain in 1994, in the U.S.A. Real Madrid are equally guilt of appointing a thug and a villain in Sergio Ramos as the captain, a dirt club with a dirty captain, how can you make this thug a captain, after all these footballers are supposed to be role models for children. Will U.E.F.A and Real Madrid take action on Sergio Ramos is to be seen. Sergio Ramos got Mohamed Salah's hand entangled in his hand, and he then pulled Mohammed Salah down, and the thug Sergio Ramos landed on the arm of Mohammed Salah, now dislocating it . Real Madrid will only want to win the champion league at any cost ,dirtiest club and dirtiest player on the planet. A closer look shows that Sergio Ramos did injure Mohammed Salah on purpose, it also shows him laughing with the linesman, disgusting par I must say. But don't you worry the linesman is employee of U.E.F.A so no punishment for the linesmen.

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