Monday, May 7, 2018


Last week we saw Barcelona and real Madrid play their EL CLASSICO, The Classic . One player stood out he was the Brazilian play maker Philippe Coutinho. It was a case of being so near and so far as well. At that time Philippe Coutinho , was playing as a fifteen year old player at Vasco Da Gama, along with young Neymar, the president of Vasco Da Gama Mr Enrico Miranda says that Real Madrid made a offer for Philippe Coutinho, after Real Madrid did illegally tap Philippe Coutinho. The F.I.F.A rules clearly say that a footballer must be eighteen years before he can sign up for a club abroad or then the parents of the boy fifteen years , then club here Real Madrid can no sign him till eighteen years of age and the parents must live in the same city as the boy. Jobs must be provided a well. This is mainly to solve kids from getting homesick and also child trafficking on false promises. Philippe Coutinho was chosen for Brazil under 15, under 17 as well. And then clubs in Europe started taking notice of the highly talented youngster, who was very level headed and could face pressure Philippe Coutinho moved to Italy with Inter Milan., for roughly three and a half million Euros, but he had a unhappy time in Italy like many youngsters. He later joined Liverpool for eight million pounds, and was sold to Barcelona for 145,one hundred and forty five million pounds. Oh how Real madrid missed him ?

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