Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Barcelona have now admitted that they will not be signing the French striker Antoine Greizmann, from Atletico Madrid in the near future for sure. There was a tug of war going on between the two big clubs in Spain. But exactly why is Barcelona not buying Antoine Greizmann? The real reason Antoine Greizmann , will not be joining up with Barcelona , is that if the sale deal for the French striker did go through , then both these Spanish clubs would be severely be punished ny F.I.F.A. As both these Spanish clubs would be breaking the F.I.F.A rules. According to the F.I.F.A rules a club can not go and speak to a player who is having two years or more time remaining on his contract, And now Antoine Greizmann, has more then two years contract remaining on his contract at Atletico Madrid. Suppose the deal really did go through in the summer transfer window, what would F.I.F.A do to Barcelona and with Atletico Madrid. Barcelona would get a transfer ban for five transfer windows, they will not be allowed to buy or sell a player for two and a half years. While on the other hand Atletico Madrid would also get a six month transfer ban as well. They would miss a transfer window only.

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