Thursday, June 7, 2018


Cristiano Ronaldo is not at all happy that Real Madrid want to buy the Brazilian star Neymar, from the French giants P.S.G. It is a clear case of fear that Neymar if and when he does join Real Madrid, then Cristiano Ronaldo will slowly be pushed out of the club, after al he is already 33, thirty three years old today. And if Neymar does join up with Cristiano Ronaldo there will be very big problems as the club can not afford two players with huge, huge egos clashing on the pitch now and then. And now Cristiano Ronaldo is demanding a crazy weekly salary of 1.33. one point thirty three million pounds a week. And now with this crazy weekly salary then Cristiano Ronaldo must score seven goals in each match to do any justice to do any justice to his huge salary. The best thing to happen to Cristiano Ronaldo here is that Real Madrid should sell, he will come crashing down to earth along with his big ego as well. But P.S.G have gone and made it very clear with Neymar, that he is not going anywhere for four years, and if he does give trouble he will not be sitting on the bench even at P.S.G.

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