Thursday, June 7, 2018


The Spanish giants Real Madrid have now gone and made it very amply clear to Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes, that real Madrid have no desire whatsoever to increase the yearly salary f Cristiano Ronaldo, which now stands at 22, twenty two million pounds. While Lionel Messi , is getting a yearly salary of nearly 40, forty million pounds. And Neymar is getting a yearly salary of 32, thirty two million pounds. Real Madrid have also told Cristiano Ronaldo that there is no way that he can be paid a higher salary then Lionel Messi. And the Spanish club are in no hurry here to issue him a new contract either, his present contract expires in 2021, and he will be thirty six years then. Now for one thing here Cristiano Ronaldo big ego is going to take a very big hit, being the third highest paid player in the world. So now it is to be seen if Cristiano leaves Real Madrid , for P.S.G. or for Manchester United. And there is also a very huge tax evasion on the part of Cristiano Ronaldo it is about 14, fourteen million pounds, and with the fine now in place it has now reached 24, twenty four million pounds, and he wants Real Madrid to pay his penalty , as he claims Barcelona paid and helped Lionel Messi. Why ever should Real Madrid pay this money in the first place.

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