Friday, June 8, 2018


Sir Jim Radcliffe who is the richest man in England with a wealth double of the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich, the wealth of Russian owner of Chelsea stands at 9.3 Billion pounds , while the wealth of sir Jim Radcliffe stands at 20 Billion pounds double he amount of the Chelsea owner. It is reported In the Daily Mail, that the offer to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich for a sum of 2, two Billion pounds, was rejected. But what we must remember here that the Chelsea club was brought for only 140 one hundred and forty million pounds. And the offer has been rejected by the Chelsea owner. But the big worrying point for the Chelsea fans is that Roman Abramovich does not have a Business Visa now, and he now has a Israeli passport, so England have told him he can only visit the U.K on that Visa , and will not be allowed to work with that Visa in the U.K. He could be arrested and deported as well. It looks like Stamford Bridge is falling down, falling down my fair lady. No manager, o money no player at Chelsea.

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