Wednesday, June 13, 2018


F.I.F.A have decided to give the 2026 world cup to THE AMERICA'S. That is it will be held in three countries in the year 2026.That is Canada, the U.S.A . and Mexico. This will be the first time that a F.I.F.A world cup will be held in three countries, it has never happened before. But back in the year 2002 the world cup was hosted by two countries, Japan as well as South Korea. There were mainly two countries as candidates to host the 2026 world cup, they were Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico as well as Morocco. The America's defeated Morocco , during the F.I.F.A vote held in Moscow. The America's got 134 votes while 84 votes for Morocco. Mexico held the world cup in the year 1986. and the U.S.A held the world cup in the year 1994. Canada has yet to hold a world cup There could also be a chance to increase the number of countries at this world cup to 42, forty two countries. As Qatar said that they did not have the time to build more stadiums. for 42 countries to play at the 222 world cup.

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