Tuesday, June 12, 2018


A huge number of footballers have bee set off with red cards , here re the list of the first red cards of sought. 1) The first footballer to be sent off t a world cup was the midfielder from Peru named Placido Galindo. in the match with Romania in the year 1930. 2) Argentinean Claudio cannigga became the first player to be sent of from the substitute bench in the match between Argentina and Sweden. in the year 2002. 3) Argentinean Pedro Monzon became the first player to get a red card in the world cup final match played between Germany and Argentina in the year 1990.The card was shown for a bad tackle on J├╝rgen Klansman. 4) France 'Marcel Desailly was the first footballer ever to be sent off from the winning team in a world cup final. 5) The quickest red card shown t a world cup belongs to the Uruguayan Jose Batista, he got the red card in 56 , fifty six seconds. Against Scotland in the 1986. 6) The Cameroon Rigoberto Song becomes the first footballer to be sent off in two world cups in 1994 and in1998. 6) Zinedine zidane also was shown two red cards in a world cup twice., in 1998 and 2006.

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