Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Now according to THE DAILY MAIL, U.E.F.A , after a period of six month investigation into the very big question of did e French club P.S.G breach the financial fair play rules, when P.S.G brought Neymar form Barcelona, for a world record of 198, on hundred and ninety eight million pounds. But P.S.G have not completely got the clean chit, as there is a sum of 53 , fifty three million pounds, orin other words they will first have to sell players for 53, fifty three million pounds before buying at one. But one thing is very clear here and that is P.S.G will be playing in Champion League next year for sure.. But I have one question to as here and that is the cheque given to Barcelona for 198 one hundred and ninety eight million pounds, as from which bank? Was it a bank I Qatar, like the NATIONAL BANK OF QATAR or was its a bank from France? But one thing is very clear here P.S.G will not be able to buy Kylian Mbappe for a sum of 166, one hundred and sixty six million pounds in the near future.

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