Thursday, July 12, 2018


Chelsea have now gone and finally sacked their Italian manager Antonio Conte, after a period of just two years. But I really do wonder what was the reason he was sacked ? After all he did not fail to win the silverware in England, he had won both the English Premier League and has also won the oldest cup n I England the F.A. Cup. The only thing he failed to do was that under him Chelsea have failed to qualify along with Arsenal, for the Champion League for the year 2018/2019. Chelsea are on the verge of appointing Mauricio Sarri , from Napoli as the new manager of Chelsea. But Mauricio Sarri will not come cheap as Chelsea will have to pay Napoli a compensation of seven million pounds. And Chelsea will also have to pay up Antonio Conte a huge sum of 9, nine million pounds. Now Mauricio Sarri was a banker before he became a football manager , he is also a heavy chain smoker as well, may be the pressure is getting up on him. Now the entire saga in the sacking of Antonio Conte went on for a total of 63, sixty three days.

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