Wednesday, July 11, 2018


At last the truth has hit England and it's many fans that the world cup is not coming back to England and neither will it come for years for sure. England at the 2018 world cup were not good enough as a team, they scored most of their goals through penalties by Harry Kane, and in his hat trick he just did not know where the ball hit him, before it went in a lucky freak goa I must say. England were very lucky to have minnows in their group like Panama, and Tunisia. Let us be honest here England were over rated by miles. You just have to compare the team with last world cup2014 to see the big difference, todays team are no match to the 2014 team. take Joe Hart, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Gary Neville, Stephen Gerrard ,Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney. So honestly England were lucky to reach the semi finals , today England are a one man team in Harry Kane, he scores England scores and wins or England loose. Raheem Sterling did absolutely nothing at the EURO CUP2016,ad has done nothing at the 2018 world cup either. Why did England lose to Croatia? The answer is simple after England scored the first goal in five minutes from a Trippier free kick England had only for more clear shot at the goal and that s not enough.

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