Monday, July 9, 2018


Now Jack Wilshere who spent 17, seventeen long years at Arsenal, where he joined the Arsenal youth academy. He was a good footballer and did also score goals for both club and country. But his real big problem was his ankle or knee injuries that sadly attacked him each year and he spent many months on the treatment table then playing on the pitch. At Arsenal he was getting a weekly salary of 110,000 one hundred and ten thousand pounds a week. And in his new contract that Arsene Wenger offered Jack Wilshere was a weekly salary of 90, ninety thousand pounds. But Arsenal had agreed to pay him more money greatly depending on the time and on his performance , all depending on what he delivered on the pitch. Which I thought was a good deal for Jack Wilshere, but he did not like the terms and then Arsenal dropped a bombshell in letting Arsene Wenger leave Arsenal after 22 , twenty two years. And the new manager Unai Emry of Arsenal made it clear he ad no plans for Jack Wilshere for the new season.. Now he has joined West Ham united on a three year deal, but it is not said if he was getting a better weekly salary then what he got at Arsenal.

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