Monday, July 23, 2018


Now that Allison Becker has joined Liverpool on a huge transfer fee of 70, seventy million EUROS or for the matter 67,sixty seven million pounds. His weekly salary will be equally high and now Jurgen Klopp has decided that players will have to be sold to generate funds for the future and trim down on wages as well which is a wise decision after all. So players to be sold will be some big money buys and some small ones as well , now Loris kairus is not too happy with the arrival of Allison Becker and he wants to leave. Others to be shown the door are Lasor Markovic, Danny Ings, Simon Mignolet and others the idea is to generate a sum of 100, a hundred million pounds selling these layers. Looks like the money got fromselling Philippe Coutinho will not help alone players will have to be sold.

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