Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Now it looks like Liverpool are on the verge of signing the Brazilian world cup goalkeeper Allison Becker from A.S Roma. A.S Roma are asking a transfer fee of a huge amount , they are asking for a sum of 70, seventy million euros or for the matter 68, sixty eight million pounds. But so far Liverpool have gone and offered A.S. Roma only a total of 64, sixty four million pounds, so in fact Liverpool are falling short of 4, four million pounds. Real Madrid have also shown their interest in Allison Becker, but they have not come back with a second bid the first bid was rejected which was only 54, fifty four million pounds. But Jurgen Klopp has realised that their German goalkeeper Loris Kairus has been a guilty for a few major blunders especially at the champion league . Now the Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois wants to lave Chelsea and join Real Madrid. So Chelsea are also in talks with A.S.Roma . But the sporting director of A.S.Roma Mr Monchi has made it very clear that Allison Becker is not going anywhere in the near future. According to THE SUN, Chelsea are willing to spend 70, seventy million pounds to buy Allison Becker from A.S. Roma.

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