Thursday, July 26, 2018


Manchester United have now decided to give their Spaniard Juan Mata a new contract at Manchester United that would run till the year 2021, as the club failed to find a club to sell the talented footballer, it was very much thought that a club from his homeland Spain would make a offer to buy him in this summer transfer window, but sadly o club came forward either from Spain or from Europe. Now once the club return from their tour of the U.S.A, Manchester United will sit down along with Juan Mata and his father who is his agent, and thrash out a deal as soon as possible as neither party want the contract deal to rumble on for months. Now as Juan Mata is getting a weekly salary of 150,000 one hundred and fifty thousand pounds, he can now expect a slight increase in his weekly salary, it could now even reach 170,000 one hundred and seventy thousand pounds a week as well. But last year was a terrible one for him in which he scored just three goals in 40 forty appearances for Manchester United , far , far below his standards.

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