Sunday, July 1, 2018


The Spaniards were knocked out of the world cup by the hosts Russia in their group of sixteen. The result does not show the real picture f the teams effort and plan of the match. The Russian footballer Ignasheveck scored the own goal in the first half, and he made his way into the record books of the F.I.F.A world cup , as h now becomes the oldest man ever to score a own goal at a world cup, as he was over 38 thirty eight years old then. But the Russian had a chance to equalize I the second half, as a Russian from behind headed the ball , but unfortunately the Spaniard Gerrard Pique, who was not even facing the Russian who headed the ball hit the out stretched hand of Gerrard Pique, which was high in the air and a penalty was awarded to Russia. But should that penalty have been given ? The F.I.F.A rules where penalties for handballs are given clearly state that it should be a intently hand ball , and the referee should see where the hand went to the ball, and not the ball going to the hand. Here Gerrard Pique was having his back to the Russian player so he had no idea where the ball was. he had his hand outstretched while jumping.. But the Spaniards played the regular passing and keeping the ball game they made a total of over 900 nine hundred passes in all and also had possession of the ball at 70, seventy percent. But after half hour of extra time with the score tied , the game went to the penalties , where Russia won it with a score of 1-1 , and 4-3 penalties.

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