Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Chelsea have now decided to buy the Spanish goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabagala , who was part of the Spanish team at the world cup in Russia, he is now playing with the Spanish club Atletico Bilbao. Now Chelsea were having a problem with their Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who had won the golden glove at the world cup in Russia. The Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois had been telling Chelsea for over a year that he wanted to leave Chelsea and join up with Real Madrid, as his wife and children are living there. But Chelsea had made it very clear to Thibaut Courtois that he would not be sold to Madrid until they can get a replacement for him. Now Chelsea have gone and tabled a very huge sum of 71.8 seventy one point eight million pounds , you could easily say it is 72, seventy two million pounds. By the way this is a very new record for the costliest goalkeeper ever, it now breaks the record for the costliest goalkeeper in the world, which was held by the Brazilian goalkeeper Allison Becker, which was held for a very short time only. But I must say Chelsea are paying far to much for this goalkeeper, Kepa Arrizabagala as he was costing clubs in the January transfer window only 18, eighteen million punds , now his new contract has a buy out clause of 72, seventy two million pounds. Actually he was supposed to sign up with the Spanish giants Real Madrid but then Zinedine Zidane blocked that deal.

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