Monday, August 6, 2018


It was originally thought that the big Colombian defender Yerry Mina would leave Barcelona and join up with Manchester United and Jose Mourinho. In fact the selling price had been agreed to and it was fixed at 35, thirty five million pounds, even the personal terms were agreed to. But the entire deal collapsed at the last moment, as the agent of Yerry Mina became a bit to greedy and was demanding a much larger share of money for Yerry Mina as well as the agent, and Manchester United were not ready to agree to this and pulled the plug of the deal. Now Everton have come forward and stolen Yerry Mina from under the noses of Manchester United and Jose Mourinho. The transfer fee was much less then what Manchester United had offered for the Colombian ,it was only 28.5 twenty eight and a half million pounds. Barcelona were in a hurry to sell Yerry Mira as according to U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A rules a football club can only have three footballers from none European Union countries , so Barcelona sold out Paulinho, and Lucas Digne , a Brazilian and a Argentinean, they then sold Yerry mina as well, and made Philippe Coutinho get a Portuguese passport as his wife is from Portugal, so the problem was solved.

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