Friday, August 10, 2018


It is indeed very hard to believe that today some goalkeepers are becoming as costly as a good striker. Ad if you are going to pay say 65, sixty five million pounds for a goalkeeper then one thing should be very clear, with the huge record for buying a goalkeeper and his costly weekly salary, will now mean that these goalkeepers should keep at least twenty clean sheets in a season of 38 thirty eight matches. 1) Gianluigi Buffon. Italian from Parma to Juventus for a then record of 32.6, thirty two and six million pounds in 2001. 2) Ederson. Brazilian From Benfica to Manchester City, for a sum of 35, thirty five million pounds. 3) Allison Becker. Brazilian Becker, . From A.S.Roma to Liverpool for a huge sum of 65, sixty five million pounds. 4) Kepa Arrizabalaga Spanish. From Atletico Bilbao to Chelsea for 71, seventy one million pounds.

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