Saturday, August 11, 2018


The Spanish footballer who was a graduate from the famous Barcelona youth academy, he had spent a total of seven years at the LA MASIA, also called THE CASTLE. And has also played for a short time with Manchester United before returning to Barcelona. Now Gerrard Pique is now 31, thirty one years old and has played a total of 102 one hundred and two games for Spain, becoming one of fifteen players to play well over a hundred games for Spain. He had hinted that he might retire from playing for Spain after the world cup in Russia, where he had a tough time especially the group of sixteen , played against Russia where he escaped a red card for a double legged tackle on a Russian, and he also conceded a penalty for a handball. But very strangely the rivalry between these two Spanish great central defenders Sergio Ramos and Gerrard Pique, were often Spain's best defenders , when they both played for Spain. But at club level it was different story they were sworn enemies during the famous EL CLASSICO, THE CLASSIC. Gerrard Pique is married to the Colombian singer Shakira.

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