Thursday, August 9, 2018


The famous Italian footballer and captain of Italy played his whole football career with only one club, and that was A.C. Milan, he had spent a total of 25, twenty five glorious years with A.C.Milan. Paulo Maldiini is the son of Caesar Maldini the former player and manager of Italy. When Paulo Maldini retired from club football with A.C. Milan, his jersey as retired by the club as a sign of respect, but the famous jersey number 3, three will be given to the young son of Paulo Maldini can inherit the famous jersey after he does graduates from the famous youth academy. He was captain of Italy and A.C. Milan when both were at their greatest . He can also be the only footballer ever to win 5, five champion league titles with one club only. He also played for A.C.Milan when the Italian giants went one entire year without a defeat in Sierra A. In he year 1994/1995. Now he did not see eyeball to eyeball with the A.C.Milan board and walked away from the club nine long years ago. During his time out of football he tried his luck at Tennis. The famous club was in the hands of a Chinese party , but the Chinese owner went bankrupt and had a debt o0f 28, twenty eight million pounds. He was forced to sell A.C.Milan to the American party called ELIOT. Paulo Maldini now works on the board at A.C.Milan .

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