Friday, April 12, 2019


Eleven years ago Arsenal purchased Aaron Ramsey from the welsh club Cardiff City for a small amount of two million pounds. But after eleven years he was getting a weekly salary of 110,000 one hundred and ten thousand pounds. And during talks with his agent, who wanted Arsenal to give Aaron Ramsey a weekly salary of 400,000 four hundred thousand pounds, and that is a huge increase of 290,0000two hundred and ninety thousand pounds. And Arsenal were not wiling to pay that much money to a player, who like Mesut Ozil disappears from big matches as well. Arsene Wenger made it clear in his last year at Arsenal, that only players and staff are not the only people being paid by the club, there are 500, five hundred employees at the club like cleaners, tea lady and so on. Now as Aaron Ramsey leaves Arsenal in the summer transfer window, he will be getting a weekly salary of 400,000 four hundred thousand pounds. Mind you his club Juventus , do not pay big money for players they get some on free transfer and so thy pay them big weekly salaries Emer Can did this same thing at Liverpool. Now Mesut Ozil is getting a weekly salary of 350,000 three hundred and fifty thousand pounds. And as this salary is far to much for Arsenal., Arsenal have only 45, forty five million pounds to spend in the summer. Now Aaron Ramsey must score four goals in each match , at Juventus to do justice over his huge salary, and that is not going to happen here, happy milking Aaron Ramsey.

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