Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Manchester United are very desperate t keep their young 21 twenty one year old striker at Manchester United for another five years at least. They have o plans whatsoever to lose him soon. So Manchester United are trying to offer him a mouth watering offer in his new contract. The contract will be for five years ,and will run to 2024. Now at present Marcus Rushford is getting a weekly salary of 80,000 eighty thousand pounds today, but the new contract according to THE DAILY MIRROR , will see the youngster get a whooping weekly salary of 300,000 three hundred thousand pounds, more or less triple the amount. So that works out to 15.8 million pounds a year , and in five years of the contract he will be getting78, seventy eight million pounds. But I have two questions here one is that with a weekly salary of 300,000 three hundred thousand pounds M, Marcus Rushford must score a hat trick in every match he plays, to do any justice, and honestly that is not going to happen here, so he will be milking the club royally. And If Ole Gunner Soljkaer is getting less then 15,8 million pounds then a footballer should never get paid more then a playemanager gets.

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