Thursday, June 19, 2008


GEOFFERY HURST or as he is simply known as GEOFF HURST is a fotballer from ENGLAND , who played in the 1966 world cup, which was played in ENGLAND that year.
He will always go down in the history books as the only footballer ever to sccore a hattrick in a F.I.F.A world cup final match since it started in 1930 and world cup was held in URUGAY.
There has always been aquestion of doubt that wether one goal realy did cross the line or not.The English were sure of it but the Germans disagreed. But the linesman gave it after talking with the refree.There was one theory that the RUSSIAN linesmanwas bias as a few days earlier WEST GERMANY had beaten RUSSIA. The english said it was a clear goal, or else one english player who was standing near by would have taped the ball inthe goal and definately scored.
Years later at the OXFORD UNIVERSITY in 1995 , they used computers and the old film with the modern technology it was proved that it was not a goal and should never ever be given.
But very few know that GEOFF HURST played county cricket for ESSEX verses LANCANSHIRE. So becoming the only ever world cup gold medal winner to play cricket also. He later gave up cricket rarly to concentrate on his club football with WEST HAM.

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