Friday, December 3, 2010


The English media released the corruption going on in F.I.F.A , and it is a mighty big shame Mr Blatter and F.i.F.A should hang their heads in shame. England got one miserable vote, to hold the 2018 world cup. After all the media job is to net its readers know all the news, and corruption is big news.
England has done the right thing by deciding never to be a country bidding to host a world cup, till F.i.F. A clean up their act .
So Russia in 2018 , and Qatar in 2022. But remember that the world cup is held in June to July, the hottest months in Qatar, where the temperature reaches 45 degrees. Lets enjoy the fun then.
Has Qatar ever qualified for a world cup? Or was it oil money that greased F.I.F.A hands, as they were already corrupt.
England are winners and held it 40 odd years ago so they should have got it.

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