Sunday, March 24, 2013


The Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie has called U.E.F.A cowards, after Luis Nani was sent of with a straight red card for a very high foot , with all studs showing. The question now is what action will U.E.F.A take? Will they fine and ban Robin Van Persie for few games ,or will it be hindred pounds and a single match ban as he is now a Manchester United player. We know what happened to Arsene Wenger and RobinVan Persie in a Champion League match verses Barcelona, a few years ago, Wenger got three match ban for arguing with the referee on the sending of. We also know in the Champion League match played a few years ago between Chelsea and Barcelona, the referee was from Norway Tim Henning Ovrebo, who did not give Chelsea two clear penalties for hand ball, he also sent of Eric Abidal for bringing the last man Nicklas Anelka. But video replay showed Anelka brought down Eric Abidal. It is no secret Spanish clubs are favored by U.E.F.A.Chelsea lost the game. Dider Drogba was fined heavily and had a few game ban as well. He called the referee a F------gCheat. Dider drogba was fined for bringing disgrace to U.E.F.A and football. Now will U.E.F.A fine and ban Persie the same way or will t5hey be cowards and be gentle on him as he is now a Manchester United player.

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