Friday, March 22, 2013


The European governing body of football, U.E.F.A , have gone and fined Alex Ferguson 8,500 pounds for not speaking to the press after Manchester United lost to Real Madrid in this years Champion League.This is disgusting , it clearly shows Manchester United have the U.E.F.A and the English F.A in their pockets, and are buying trophies , just like Manchester City. Nani got a game ban when he could have got more. Let me remind you Ajax got 35,000 pounds fine, just because their fans put up a banner showing a Arab with a sack of money. Lazio got a big fine for racial behavior by their fans. Arsene Wenger got three match ban for the argument he had with the referee in the champion league match Arsenal Verses Barcelona , played at Barcelona, when Robin Van Persie said he did not hear a whistle.Here Robin Van Persie spoke against the referee after the match, w2hat is his punishment? Is it one pound. Any way Manchester United will pay the fine. Mr Platini be aware football has lost its charm it is now match fixed like cricket Arsene Wenger got a few match bans for kicking a bottle in disgust. It is clear U.E.F.A and the F.A have lost their marbles for good. And nothing was done to Rio Ferdinand for using his weight and pushing a player. The referee just did not see it , how convenient.

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