Friday, July 10, 2015


It is indeed very nice to know and copare different footballers and how they left their clubs after many years. Raheem Sterling is talking against the manager and team mates , just because his desire to join Manchester City is not working out, he refuses to come for training either, now by the law can only fine him a cut in two weeks of his salary. And that will be peanuts to him. Now let us see how the bad boy of Liverpool Luis Suarez left Liverpool. In the 2014 world cup he , Luis Suarez scored both the goals for Uruguay, which knocked out England from the world cup. That was one reason his long ban for biting would also affect Liverpool to win the title. But Barcelona were trying to buy him for a year earlier, for a hundred million pounds, but the price fell down to seventy five million pounds, after the biting., and the long ban. Barcelona then sold Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez to generate funds. But Luis Suarez sent three letters when he left Liverpool, thanking Brendan Rodgers for everything he did. He sent one to Steven Gerrard his mentor and guide, thanking him as well. And one thanking the Liverpool fans , no sulking or demanding big things.

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