Friday, July 10, 2015


The Dutch striker Robin Van Persie is soon going to join the Turkish club Fenerbache, Manchester United have reaches a agreement on the fee for buying the Dutch man, it is believed to be 4.7 million pounds. But Fenerbanche are willing to pay Robin Van Persie a weekly salary of 240,000 pounds , not missing much is he! As he was getting 250,000 pounds a week at Manchester United.. But the big problem that is not settled yet is how much Manchester United will pay him for Ll Manchester United, as he has one year left on his contract still, Robin Van Persie is demanding 12 million pounds, now it is to see whether Manchester United do oblige him with that type of cash. The Chairman of Fenerbache in Istanbul says that the transfer of Robin Van Persie is a done deal, the Turkish club sent six faxes and Manchester United sent five faxes, so the deal is done, but the Dutch striker will only arrive on Sunday for a medical check up,and also sign the deal.

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