Friday, July 10, 2015


I really can not understand Manchester United now a days. Now both Thomas Muller and Ba stain Schweitzger both are not at all keen to move from mighty Bayern Munich to Manchester United still having teething trouble. Just buying any player is not the answer just because you have the money. The manager should bu only three players in a transfer window, here they buy them and they find it hard to click with the other players on the pitch. They want Thomas Muller a world cup winner, a golden boot winner, and repeated champion in Germany, a repeat treble winner as well. They want him for 57.4 million pounds. But Gareth Bale who has won nothing at Tottenham Hotspurs was sold for eighty six million pounds , 86 million pounds. There is something not at all correct here. And both of these German footballers have clearly said that they are flattered ,with the interest from Manchester United. But both have also said that they are very happy at Bayern Munich.

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